Here are some nice things a few of our partners and clients have to say about us…

Daryl D. Phillips
Director of Economic Development, 
Cheatham Connect, 
Cheatham County Joint Economic & Community Development Board

Debbie Small and her team at Community Bank & Trust are committed partners in the economic development efforts of Cheatham County. From investing in long-term strategic planning and implementation initiatives such as Cheatham Vision to working every day with our local small businesses, the bank is an integral contributor to job creation and retention, capital investment and making our community a better place to live, work and do business.

Jeff Bennett
Communications Specialist Cheatham County Schools

The School Messenger system is a web-based program that enables the Cheatham County School district to quickly communicate with its students, parents, faculty, and staff. We would be lost without this state-of-the-art mass communication system and we are extremely grateful for our educational partner, Community Bank & Trust, for sponsoring this service.

Michael Allen
Director of Dickson Division Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville, Dickson Division

Community Bank and Trust’s financial support is crucial to the continued success of Cheatham Habitat for Humanity, but the value they offer goes far beyond just money. Community Bank and Trust continues to offer assistance, guidance and advice as we search for our next Partner Family as well as our next sponsor. They are not timid about telling their customers, their Board of Directors or anyone who may offer or need assistance, about Cheatham Habitat for Humanity. Bank Senior Vice President, Shayne Bell brings a tremendous value to our Advisory Board with his willingness to share his service and his knowledge of Cheatham County as we plan for our future in the community.

Mike Davis
Director of Schools, Robertson County Board of Education

Community Bank and Trust in partnership with the local hospital has provided the ability for Robertson County Schools to contact our parents and students in an efficient and timely fashion through a district ­wide system of phone, text, and email communication. We are grateful for this valuable tool, which would not have been possible without the help and support from the folks at Community Bank and Trust.