Savings Bonds

Savings Bonds Now Available Online Only

Beginning December 31, 2011, United States Savings Bonds savings bonds will not be available for purchase through financial institutions or mail but can be purchased online at TreasuryDirect. Click here to open a free TreasuryDirect account.

Existing paper bonds are still valid and will earn interest for 30 years from the issue date or until redeemed. If you currently hold savings bonds, you may cash them at offices of Community Bank & Trust.

Why buy U.S. Savings Bonds?

  • U.S. savings bonds are very safe. They are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. When you spend $500 to buy a bond, it will never be worth less than $500.
  • Interest rates are competitive. Series I and Series EE offer competitive rates. Check the Bureau of the Public Debt Web page for current rates. Series EE and Series I rates change twice a year, in May and November.
  • There are tax breaks. You won’t pay state or local income tax on the interest your bonds earn. For federal tax purposes, interest compounds tax-deferred until the bonds are redeemed. Consult your tax advisor for details.
  • Series EE and Series I savings bonds are easy to buy. Buy them directly through the TreasuryDirect Web site. When you open an account through TreasuryDirect, you can authorize automatic deductions from your checking or savings account.